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IFlash Obd Programmer BCM Tool

IFlash Obd Programmer BCM Tool

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iFlash OBD Programmer


IFlash is a professional tool dedicated to programming, regeneration and recalibration of

body computer and engine management control units.

The software has a simple and intuitive graphical interface, allowing you to work autonomously and in complete safety. IFlash allows to operate on K-line and CAN-bus systems via OBD-II communication. It can also be used at the bench for all reprogramming operations thanks to the included adapters and dedicated cables. With the possibility of operating both in serial and on-line and with the multiple functions for modifying and recalibrating parameters, IFLASH simplifies and uniformizes the work of the self-repairman. Designed to be a universal tool, always in step with the evolution of electronics。

iFlash boasts unique features:

Modular: you can choose the full version or customize IFLASH with the features of your


Flexible: You can always implement new modules or add new functions to your custom


Multifunctional: provides solutions for all automotive electronics problems;

Updated: Flash's strength is continuous development to be constantly updated and rich in new features;

Simple: iFlash offers highly professional solutions in a simple and intuitive way, is ideal

for the experienced user and extremely easy for new electronic operators.

With iFlash, a virtual assistant is available that, through automatic verification and control

operations, follows the self-repairman in the programming procedures ensuring the correct

completion. The technical support and automatic software update functions are also integrated into

IFLASH to ensure maximum productivity, simplicity and security in the transmission of data, files

and information.


What you can do with iFlash ?

* Cloning

* Immobilizer

* Pincode Reading

* Odometer

* ECU Transformation/Adaptation

* Locked key management

* EGR on MJD6xx

*Body reading for Transponder encoding

* Advanced Cloning

Available Protocols

* Body Computer FCA

* Body System Integration PSA (BSI)

* IVECO Body Computer (LCV)

* ECU 59F/5AF/4AF

* ECU 5SFx/9GF/8GSx

* ECU MJD6xx

* ECU MJD8xx

* Body Control Module Delphi (Opel)


* Delphi Body Computer (Ford)

* Body Supercar (Ferrari/Maserati)

* Signal Acquisition Module MCC Smart (SAM)

* Blue&Me FCA for Check Test NEW

System Requirements:

* OS Windows 10 64 BIT or Windows 11 64 BIT

* RAM min. 2 GB

* 2 USB 2.0/3.0 ports



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